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I am the Software Engineer.

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Best practices working with GIT

Going baby-steps, make code reviews quickly. This is my experience on working with Git. No matter if it is a solo or a team project.

Running Testcontainers On Dynamic Ports

Running integration tests locally with Docker on fixed ports is not always possible due to port conflicts. This is especially true when running tests in shared CI environment with shared workers.

Fortunately, testcontainers allow to start Docker containers listening on a random port.

Kotlin Playground Shortcode for Hugo

Kotlin Playground is HTML component which creates Kotlin-aware editors capable of running code from HTML block elements. Here I explain how to embed runnable Kotlin code block in your Hugo-powered blog.

Spring Boot Configuration Best Practices

Spring Boot comes with very neat configuration mechanism. Default application configuration is defined in one configuration file and environment specific setting in separate files. But still, this mechanism is often not used properly resulting in verbose and unmaintainable configurations.