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The Essential Plugins for JetBrains Idea

JetBrains Idea is my favorite IDE and I love it! It has allthe necessary features for java/kotlin developer out-of-the-box. Even in Community Edition you’ll find a lot of them! Difference between Community and Ultimate editions is with a set of plugins from JetBrains available. Native plugins are well tested and work like a charm, in contrast with Eclipse, where you have to do install/configure some extra plugins before you can start coding. I mean maven integrations (.m2eclipse).

For commercial plugins there are some free alternatives e.g. Database Navigator for database support. There are some more free plugins useful both for Community and Ultimate editions.

Here is my list:

There are hundreds of plugin for IDEA_Community Edition and IDEA Ultimate available in the plugin repository. I am sure you can add some plugins you love to this list.