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Conditional Java Configurations in Spring Framework

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Spring Framework offers very flexible means for binding application components. Externalizable properties, composite configuration, nested application contexts and profiles.

Sometimes, it is necessary to control whether particular beans or @Configuration will be loaded or not. Spring Framework v.4.1.x does not provide that feature out of the box. But, hopefully, Spring allows conditional bean initialization (see @Profile implementation and @Configurable). So, I created the annotation @Enabled which allows me to control bean instantiation via properties.

@Enabled indicates that a component is eligible for registration when evaluated expression is true. This annotation should be used in conjunction with Configuration and Bean annotations.

Usage Example #

Given property file with property values my.service.enabled and my.config.enabled. Following code will only instantiate and configure MyService and MyConfig if values of appropriate properties are evaluated as true.

class AppConfig {

    MyService myService {
        return new MyService()

class MyConfig {

Link: project on GitHub

Update: spring-boot-conditionals